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Redwing Golf announces the addition of a new model of golf club

adidas launched a personal training platform at CES 2010

Odyssey introduced a new Tour Designs miller putters

Runners prepare themselves for Barcelona Marathon in March

Bayern Munich meets Fiorentina in Champions League campaign

Swimovate launches innovative and advanced swim training aids

Fundeniable LLC introduces a new Fun Xercise Bike

Fitness Footwear introduces a huge selection of snow boots for skiing

SnapSportsŪ is all set to provide Indoor Sports flooring at the Special Olympics World Winter Games 2009

Stalker introduces Speed Measurement Radar for baseball

Women get chance to improve their riding and skiing skills

US Black Golfers Association to host golf Classic for Injured NFLŪ Player

GK introduces a new gymnastic leotards collection with Olympics gold medalist

Seefeld will host the first snow sports festival

Unleash your passion for outdoor sports like Climbing and Snow Sports

Taking care of your sports kit

If you are serious about sport, then we're sure you would be as serious about the quality. As much as innate talent and ability are crucial to success, the advances in the area of modern sports gear have ensured that not using comparable grade of sports equipment makes a sportsmen significantly less competitive.

A pair of basketball shoes or a tennis racket or a cricket bat [and there are tons of other examples from other sports] may make the difference between winning and losing and to the longevity of a sportsman. Modern sports equipment blends materials science, sports medicine and of course, aesthetics and design.

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